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Delivery Trucks

Who's Our Customer?



We specialize in helping small Carriers with 1 to 5 trucks find the highest paying load possible.  By delivering a competitive advantage to our clients while eliminating the uncertainty and complexity of their freight delivery. Our service allows them to focus on their business and not paperwork


Booked Dispatch and Logistics LLC, is a dispatch service provider, dispatching freight to carriers throughout the United States. We currently dispatch reefers, full-size dry van, flatbeds, power only, and hotshots. More freight types to come!


Signing on for our dispatching service is easy and fast. We can handle back haul or daily freight for an entire fleet!

We have the time, experience, and knowledge to find the best loads and solutions for all of your trucking needs.


We are actively seeking Trucks, Owner Operators, & Small Fleets.

To become a carrier there are certain requirements that you - as the carrier - must meet in order for us to legally work with you or your company. Contact us today...…...


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