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About Us

Booked Dispatch and Logistics LLC was formed to cover a hole in the industry. We specialize in helping small Carriers with 1 to 5 trucks find the highest paying load possible. Based in Louisiana, we have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the Freight Brokering Industry and now we are  branching out into the Freight Dispatching Business.  Our diverse team and partners have utilized their knowledge of the industry to help our customers solve their freight needs. 
 A dedicated dispatcher is assigned to every Carrier, becoming a single point of contact. Our dispatchers know our client's transportation needs intimately and always look out for the best loads available , giving them 3option to choose from and letting them make the final decision.   We call that “BOOKED”, on to the next one…….
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      "If We Can't Book-IT, It Can't Be Booked..."

                CEO/President Chadrick Keith

     Contact Us For All Your                Dispatch Needs.    
      1-888-539-9330 Ext. 1 
      Call Us About "The Dispatchers Platform"   
                      1-888-539-9330 Ext. 1    
  This platform will allow you to start your very                 own full service dispatch firm.
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