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Commission based: Our Dispatch Agents are assigned 10 Carriers to dispatch with (Dispatch Service Agreements and Owner Operator’s Carriers Profile Sheet) with (Booked Dispatch and Logistics LLC). The dispatcher will choose loads that match the Carriers profile sheet.  A (%) fee will be charged per load on the Total Gross Revenue of the Carrier’s load with a 70/30 split paid to the Dispatch Agent and (Booked Dispatch and Logistics LLC) for the first 30days (Probationary Period). Starting day 31, a 60/40 split is paid to the Dispatch Agent.  

Dispatch Agents Responsible:

  1. Dispatch Carriers (Owner Operator’s) with a signed Dispatch Service Agreement and a Carrier Profile Sheet.  Loads should match the Carriers requirements according his/her Carrier Profile Sheet.

  2. Owner Operator Retention.

  3. Developing Broker/Shippers relationships.

  4. Daily, weekly and monthly reports.


Things Needed to Complete Job Task.

  1. Internet Connection.

  2. Phone Line.

  3. Printer/Scanner.

  4. Computer

  5. Bank Account.


Commission based: Every truck our Sales Agents secure with an (Dispatch Service Agreement and Owner Operator’s Carrier Profile Sheet) a 50% commission will be paid on the carrier’s Total Gross Revenue for the first 30days of the agreement. Starting day 31, commission will reduce to 7.25% on the same book of business. Year 2, the commission will reduce to 3.63% for the life of the agreement. This commission is based on a (%) fee charged by (Booked Dispatch and Logistics LLC) per load. 

Sales Agent Responsible:

  1. Find and secure Carriers (Owner Operators) via Dispatch Service Agreement).  Obtain a filled-out Carrier profile sheet from Carrier.

  2. Owner Operator retention.

  3. Customer Service,

  4. Customer follow-up (monthly).

  5. Daily, weekly and monthly reports. 


Things Needed to Complete Job Task:

  1. Internet Connection.

  2. Phone Line.

  3. Printer/Scanner.

  4. Computer

  5. Bank Account.

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